We create targeted audiences for environmentally and socially sustainable brands

We Use Data to Connect Your Brand With Receptive Consumers

Sales channels that reach environmentally and socially conscious consumers are few and far between. The footprints people leave across the Web every day as they read, share, and buy help us identify those with sustainable values and an affinity for particular products. We use this data to match the right buyers and sellers at a cost per customer acquisition that is lower, more clearly measurable, and more repeatable than alternatives … and highly scalable.

How We Do It: Our Data Cooperative & Our 2nd Party Network

Our DATA COOP of sustainable and purpose-driven brands operates as a distinct subset of a well-established general coop. We can accurately profile your customers and connect you with excellent matches among more than 200 million consumers.

Our 2nd PARTY NETWORK profiles the online behavior of your website visitors and finds look-alikes among visitors to over 800 other ecommerce websites. We then deliver your ad programmatically to the best prospects.

We Select Audiences for Whatever Channel You Prefer

We select audiences with a high likelihood to buy from you, and enable you to reach them in whatever way works best for you. We can place audiences on your Facebook ad dashboard, select permissioned emails to deploy, place you in our shared direct mail package, or create a mailing list to test on your existing campaigns. Whatever already works for your brand will work better with our targeted audiences.

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"It's been a genuine pleasure working with the Sustainable Business Partners team. Their second-party ad network has driven real incremental revenue for our business, from an audience Arbor Teas couldn't have reached by any other means. After the strong performance of the second-party program, we felt comfortable moving our retargeting ads over to their management, as well (which, incidentally, have also exceeded expectations). Beyond delivering results, the team has always been friendly and professional - what else could you hope for? We plan to continue our relationship with SBP for the foreseeable future."

(Jeremy Lopatin, Co-founder, Arbor Teas)

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