A Sustainable Idea Whose Time Has Come

Like you, I bet, I fell in love with sustainable business when I understood its unique potential to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges. What worries me most is not whether sustainable business will become the norm – I’m sure it will – but when.

How quickly can we replace old, destructive industries with a clean, sustainable economy? The answer is crucial – it will affect our children’s quality of life – and the key is how effectively we can reach and motivate the universe of sustainably minded consumers.

Our collective audience is larger than most of us imagine. The number of visitors to the websites of environmentally and socially responsible companies every day is in the many millions. Every day. That’s real data, not “alternative facts.”

Unfortunately, most sustainable companies reach just a small fraction of the total audience of conscious consumers in their own little walled gardens. Sustainable Business Partners was created to extend each company’s reach beyond those walls to our larger collective audience – simply and sustainably. We’ve put together a shared toolkit that includes proven technologies and methods for growing our audiences organically, measurably, and inexpensively.

There are many ways that companies with shared values can collaborate effectively. One that we tested first involves “second-party data.” Here’s how it works and why it makes so much sense for sustainable businesses:

  • Many companies serve “retargeting” ads. By placing a cookie in the browsers of their website visitors, companies can reach those visitors again after they have left the company’s website. This is almost always a highly productive and cost-effective form of advertising – you are reaching consumers who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand and your products.
  • Now imagine a one-to-one partnership in which a sustainable fashion company allows a natural cosmetics brand to reach its website visitors via retargeting on other websites, in exchange for the same ability to reach the cosmetics company’s visitors. This is a win-win for each partner, which can now reach a larger audience of conscious consumers. As before, these ads are also enormously productive and cost-effective.
  • Next, imagine that this exchange can be expanded to include dozens, hundreds, or thousands of sustainable companies, whose audiences have already expressed an affinity for responsibly produced products. Our network enables this on a large scale, and it gives each member the control to meet its specific needs and benchmarks.

We know this form of marketing works, and we think it makes sense for sustainable companies. It allows us to create a large pool of conscious consumers and empower each partner to tap into that pool. And because it is so cost-effective, it can be a measurable contributor of profitable new business to fuel our companies’ social and environmental missions.

Sustainable Business Partners is here to accelerate the growth of a clean economy. The concepts are proven. The methods are proven. All we need is your participation.

Join us.

Chet Van Wert, Founder