The Importance of Being a B Corporation®

Sustainable Business Partners is now a fully certified B Corporation®. This means that our corporate charter and our operating methods are designed to benefit the people our company touches and our environment – not simply as a charitable contribution in afterthought, but in the normal course of doing business every day.

Through a detailed assessment and audit performed by the nonprofit B Lab, we demonstrated that we prioritize these social and environmental impacts as much as financial profit. While we need to be profitable to fulfill our corporate mission, we will not be profitable at the expense of others. Our operations are structured as a win-win.

Friends have asked me why certification is important at this early stage of our company’s development. We could have created an awesome company without it. But by being certified, Sustainable Business Partners joins a community of over 2500 B Corporations that are serious about changing the Why and the How of business.

Like other B Corp owners and stakeholders, I’m acutely aware that:

  • We all live in the same neighborhood – our quality of life reflects all of the intended and unintended environmental impacts of our business activities; and
  • Social divisions – aggravated by me-first, “greed is good” commerce – already disrupt our politics, our economies, and our collective welfare – and seem destined to cause even more trouble in the future.

Capitalism is the most effective way we know to organize resources (money, time, or other assets) and convert them into a growing, self-perpetuating stream of benefits. But we can choose the specific benefits we want our capitalist engine to produce, and for whom. Going beyond pure profit, committing to positive social and environmental impacts, makes our company more than a good corporate citizen. It makes us part of a movement for change that is desperately needed in the world today. This is capitalism evolved.

Capitalism is the most effective way we know to organize resources to produce a growing stream of benefits. We choose to produce #social and #environmental benefits as well as profits. This is #capitalism evolved. #BCorp Click To Tweet

We know what to do and how to do it. Thousands of innovative companies have already shown the way – reinventing how their businesses operate in almost every industry. What B Corp certification adds to their accomplishments is a framework of transparent, verified, and consistent standards that can be repeated on a large scale.

In other words, certification turns innovation  into an organized, powerful movement. Every B Corp certification strengthens this movement and builds a new economy. That’s what makes certification important now. By being certified, Sustainable Business Partners adds our momentum to this movement.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

For more information on B Corporations, see B Lab’s website.

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